Online Education

Online Education

Virginia DMV #: (804) 497-7100

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Fuhrmann Driving Academy has partnered with 3A Method Driving Schools to offer a state-approved online course option for new drivers. Please follow the course procedure below to enroll and complete the course.

1. After paying through the Buy Now button just above, you will be directed to the online course where you will register and begin the course.

2. At the completion of the course, you’ll be able to take your examination online at a time of your choosing. Once you’ve taken it and passed, we’ll be notified and prepare your certificate for you.

3. Our course instructor will grade and test and share results. If the student passes the course, the instructor will receive the certificate of completion for that student and can continue with the behind-the-wheel portion of the course or issue the certificate to the student when there is a request to transfer. If the student fails the examination, the student will be allowed to review any section of the completed course to prepare to take the examination again.

Course Essentials

The program consists of at least 30 hours of instructions and includes components about alcohol safety, drug abuse awareness, aggressive driving, distracted driving, pedestrian and bicycle safety, handicapped parking, fuel efficient driving practices, motorcycle awareness and organ and tissue awareness as required by law.

All individuals who elect to take the classroom components of the driver’s education course online must take the online course through a DMV licensed driver training school. Home-schooled students are exempt from this requirement.

In order to benefit from the course, you must be able to work independently and be comfortable with using a computer.

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