Helping Teens Become A More Responsible And Safer Driver

Helping Teens Become A More Responsible And Safer Driver

When your kids reach a certain age, they will want to have their own car and they will also want to learn how to drive and get their own license. This is natural for teenagers in the country. But, before you even consider giving them their own car and driving privileges, you have to know if they are ready for it.

You need to remember that teenagers are considered to be one of the most hazardous drivers in the United States. According to statistics from NHTSA or the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, around a third of teenager deaths in the country are caused by vehicular accidents.

Basically, vehicular accidents are the number one cause of death on teens.

As you can see, you have to think twice before giving your teens driving privileges and their own car. So, why is it that teens are more prone to get involved in car accidents than any other driver of any age?

For starters, it’s mainly because of inexperience. As beginners behind the wheel, teenagers are still basically learning how to drive. They are still getting their body and senses are still getting used to the feeling of driving. As a result, they get involved in more accidents.

You also have to remember that teenagers are also prone to peer-pressure. They tend to show off that they are good behind the wheel. Because of this, most accidents involving teen drivers have youth passengers with them.

In addition to that, teens are easily influenced by movies. And, with all the street racing movies being shown on TV today, teenagers think that street racing is cool and they tend to copy what they see on movies. In fact, a lot of teens nowadays are customizing their car and beef it up to become a lot faster. And, you also have to remember that teenagers are easily exposed to alcohol and as a result, increasing numbers of DUI cases involve teen drivers.

Teens are also misinformed or are even unaware of traffic laws. And, most teens don’t wear seatbelts while driving.

These are some of the factors on why teens are very dangerous when driving. This is also the reason why you have to make it a point to get them to traffic school before giving them driving privileges. Once they pass traffic school, this is the time that you let your teenage son or daughter drive.

Today, there are quite a lot of traffic schools available. Some are available online while there is also conventional traffic schools complete with a traditional classroom. The great thing about traffic schools today is that they offer driving safety courses designed especially for teen drivers.

Here, aspiring teenage drivers will learn all about the traffic rules and regulations available in a particular state, the dangers of violating these rules and also how to become a safer and more responsible driver.

Basically, traffic school will teach your teenage son or daughter to become a defensive driver. And, as you may already know, a defensive driver is a safe driver.

By letting your teenage kids go to traffic school, you are actually doing them a favor and you are also potentially saving their lives as well as the lives of others.