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Keep Your Eyes and Mind Open as You Learn to Drive

When you drive, you’ll be using your whole body. Hands, legs, feet, arms, head, eyes, and ears all play a role to keep you and others safe. Your mind is also part of safe driving, and, in fact, it may be the most important part of good driving. Your mind helps make sense of what’s […]

When Your Teen Driver Has ADHD (Some Tips for Success)

Most teens look forward to getting their driver’s license, even when they don’t plan to get a car of their own. The increased independence the license allows is another mark of growing up. And that’s a good thing, even if parent do experience worry each time their teen goes out on their own. The best […]

7 Things Virginia Teens Should Know About Driving

Most teens anticipate getting their driver’s license with a sense of excitement and probably a bit of nervousness. Both of these feelings are understandable. The license means that you’re probably a bit more independent, but you’re also doing something new in a large, dangerous machine. You will be taught many skills and rules of the […]


New skills require repetition. Some skills require lots of repetition. And sometimes that repetition–like doing drills over and over again for your sport, or practicing scales on your musical instrument–can make you say, “I’m over it.” Repetition has a major benefit, however, because after repeating something–you know how to do it. Your driving school instructor […]


Different people learn skills in different ways. What one person finds easy the next will struggle with. That said, teachers know that some skills – in all subjects, are just more difficult than others, but they anticipate those difficulties. They work with their students to ensure mastery, finding ways through, around, and over the difficulties. […]

Choosing a Driving School in Suffolk, Virginia

Driving is an essential skill in the 21st century. Our society has been organized around driving, and in many areas, personal cars are the only way to get around effectively and safely. The key to this safety is well-trained drivers. Good, quality driver training helps inexperienced drivers develop the habits which will get them around […]

Choosing a Driving School in Portsmouth, Virginia

One special event in many teen’s lives is receiving their driver’s license. Driving is an essential skill, because we have organized our culture around driving. In many areas, personal cars are the only way to get around effectively and safely. The key to this safety is well-trained drivers. Every new driver in Portsmouth, Virginia needs […]

The Basics

Virtually every teenager will do it; take a drivers education course to obtain their learners permit and eventually an unrestricted drivers license. Virginia does have requirements that must be met for a teen to get their learners permit. Please Click Here to review the requirements. What Is A Learner’s Permit? A learners permit is a […]